Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Water Just Broke???

We are currently in our 36th week of my wife's pregnancy and the excitement and nerves continue to build everyday. Last Sunday was jenn's baby shower so now my house looks like a small version of Baby's R Us. The nursery is perfect, and my wife looks like she is ready to go at any moment. I have been spending all my free time putting together things and screaming at directions as if the manufacturer of GRECO could actually hear my cries for help. With that being said I am happy to say I am READY....everything is done and my wife definitely looks like shes going to explode at any moment. The thing is I have noticed that after the week 33 my wife gets tired doing everything. Getting dressed, walking, eating, talking, all earn a nap in this late stage of's actually very cute. The other day I was bringing in the groceries and my wife started to help me put things away, within minuets she got winded and needed to sit down...and that's when she screamed "Sweetness my water broke" I would have thought I would have began running around the house looking for my keys, but ya see as we all know my lovely wife has a tendency to have FALSE ALARMS. I very calmly looked at my wife's slightly damp pants and said "why don't you go to the bathroom and check things out before we get all crazy". Within a few moments my wife exited the bathroom with her head down and said sorry false see she sat in the chair and some water apparently spilled earlier and this was the cause for the alarm...I think she just pissed her pants, but we will never know. I was surprised by how calm I was...could it be I am finally just mentally prepared for the arrival of my little girl?
We have dealt with many false alarms throughout this experience remember the misread pregnancy test and the GAS? The truth is I have learned to take a breath with each moment and react god this experience has taught this man with A.D.D. a little patience...Holy freaking crap.
We are in the end stage of this experience of expecting, and we are embarking on a new experience called PARENTHOOD and both Jenn and I are very excited. The next time you read this blog the title will be "What To Expect When You Become A Dad" This father to be cant freaking wait.

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