Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The 7th Inning Stretch

We are now in our 32nd week of pregnancy and our 5th week of bed rest. The nursery is finished the books have been read and we are in the home stretch. The problem is just like when you where a child the night before Christmas its the LONGEST night EVER. We are at the time of the movie before the climax that we get up and go to the bathroom, or it's like the 7th inning stretch at a baseball game. With my wife being restricted to bed rest it makes the anticipation of my Noelle's birth just that much greater and I am starting to LOOSE my MIND. Every day my wife has cramps, or pains, or is bored and I just want my wife back, and my child to be safely brought into this world already. I use to NEVER drink beer, now I drink beer all the time with the neighborhood guys just to escape watching episode # 56 of a Baby's Story...my god how many C-sections, and screaming woman in stirrups can one man take? I am ready to be a father, and I am ready to kick this movie into OVERDRIVE already. The reason my blogs have slowed down is simply because we are in this slow anticipation portion of our journey. My wife doing cross stitch and getting high scores playing Bejewelled is simply just not very exciting. I will say that yesterday we went for a sonogram and Noelle is now 3 pounds, 11 oz and has her fathers chubby cheeks and her mothers full lips and is already breathtaking. I am like a child with ADD and patience has never been one of my strong points. I have to find something other then drinking beer to pass the time because a beer belly is not what I want to get out of this experience....any suggestions?????. Another thing to my guy readers...Try NOT to get your wife pregnant at a time when shes going to be 7 months in when its dead smack in the middle of the summer....TRUST ME a pregnant woman in a heatwave is NOT FUN. Soon we will be approaching the climax of our journey and I am sure this little boy with ADD will be occupied with plenty of action, but as for now we will be watching episode #57 of a Baby's Story...specfreakingtacular

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