Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Having A Moment

My wife has been ordered to bed rest for the remaining weeks of her pregnancy. It has been two weeks since she has been home from the hospital and it already feels like an eternity. My wife and I are a very ACTIVE team and with one member down I feel like I am running out of steam and I just don't want to fail in the home stretch. Every day I leave for work and it kills me to leave her alone stranded on the couch. I went to the store and bought her some crafts for the baby and our first family photo album for her to start constructing. I just know she is scared, lonely, and very bored. I get how my wife is feeling and I know I need to be patient, sensitive, and most of all supportive....but, and this must sound selfish, but who is gonna support me? The truth is my job is more stressful then ever with more and more responsibilities and expectations mounting, and now I have this crucial 2nd job. I come home from work and instead of decompressing I am cooking, cleaning, and trying to be a good husband and caretaker. I know this is a small price to pay for the wonderful gift my wife is carrying, but I guess even men can have a moment. The thing is I am also scared, concerned, and excited, but with work, all the Dr's appointments, and taking care of everything I just don't have the time to fall a part. I feel like it has been one long day since that 1st night in the hospital 3 weeks ago. This is the first post I wont let my wife edit because I don't want her to know her strong man is feeling overwhelmed, but this blog has become my outlet and it makes me feel like someone is listening. So I am going to take a DEEP breath and let this MOMENT pass, because nothing compares to what my wife has to endure. I applaud all woman because you truly are the strong ones and I aspire to take the lead for this short time and carry the team to Victory. The truth is this is just gods way of preparing me for fatherhood and it's a position that both my heart and body must train very hard for. My nights of decompressing, and relaxing are over and I never can put my own needs ahead of my family's. The day's will continue and very soon I will meet my daughter and on that day this will all just be a small memory. I would like to thank all the people, especially my Mother In Law for their help and support...and Thank the few of you reading this blog for allowing me to have my MOMENT.
Just like my wife's battles with GAS the MOMENT is passing...:)

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