Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm An Asshole

Through this experience I have disclosed some uncomfortable, sensitive, and wonderful moments of WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN SHE's EXPECTING. My wife has been an incredible sport and has had an amazing attitude of support and understanding when it comes to my new creative outlet of blogging. With that being said I need expose and reflect some uncomfortable moments of myself as well...So this week I was an admittedly an ASSHOLE. The truth is for the most part I try and be a good husband, I do laundry, I help cook, and I never disrespect my wife...but when your wife is Preggo I need to remember that good is not good enough. The truth is my wife is such a hard worker and is just not lazy so I forget she's working so much harder as she is carrying. This past weekend we decided to have a group of friends over for dinner. When we have company my wife goes into total HOST CRAZY MODE...everything must be cleaned, the food must be perfect, and with that comes CHORES. By no means was I sitting around watching TV while my wife prepared for our guests, but I probably could and should have done more. By the time the guests filled our empty house my poor wife was tired and physically exhausted, and I just didn't notice. I was overwhelmed with be a host that I also was insensitive and snapped at my wife over an undercooked steak. That moment the exhaustion and hormones took over and the tears filled my wife's hazel eyes... I was a total ASSHOLE. The truth is any other time the situation probably would not have phased either of us...BUT GUYS we can't forget that when your wife is carrying the most important gift in the world it is not just any other time. As usual my wife and I talked it out like we always do when we argue. By morning I was ready to change and step up my game, because GOOD is NOT good enough during pregnancy. I need to evolve with my wife and prepare myself for many years of extra patience and more love, so I need to start now with my wife.
Guys remember this: your wife is carrying the most important part of who you are. She is uncomfortable, self conscience, hormonal, sick, and usually is physically tired....This is the time to tell her you LOVE her, tell her how beautiful she is, and thank her for everything she is enduring....but most of all make sure you are her partner and help her every step of the way. When I saw those tears in my wife's eyes I realised I was the ASSHOLE...I learned that day I need to be a GREAT husband, because being just GOOD ended the day she said " Sweetness I'm Pregnant"

I need to tell you all I am going away on a BABYMOON next week to the Bahamas. I am sure I will have a great entry when I get back, but I will not be blogging while on vacation. See you all soon,
The Asshole :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The First NOEL

This morning at 8:30 am was my wife's 2nd level sonogram, and it was also the day I found out I was definitely going to be a father of a healthy baby girl. We found out that my wife was pregnant at Christmas and we love the holidays just as much as the Griswold's so it was fitting to name our little girl NOEL. A few weeks ago at our last sonogram they thought the baby may be a girl but her legs were crossed so it was hard to determine. This morning although her legs were still crossed a determination was made...ALL I could think was if I'm having a girl I AM VERY HAPPY SHE IS LEARNING TO KEEP HER LEGS CROSSED...this is one lesson best started in the womb. The truth is now that I know the sex I can see the future so much clearer . I truly am excited to be having a girl, because I know I am going to spoil her and she will always be daddy's little girl. I can't wait for all the treasures our future as a family will bring...HOWEVER, I am concerned if she will suspect her loving father when her Boyfriends keep mysteriously disappearing. I know that it's silly to think of this now, but being a guy I know what happens to daddy's little girl on an INNOCENT date with a boy..I will shoot them all in the balls and lock my little girl up until she is ready for marriage at 34.
OK With all that being said I would not change today for the world. I keep thinking of the movie "Father Of The Bride" and the bond a father can have with his little princess. It's strange now that I know the sex I feel the connection and anticipation has grown so much, and I cant wait to meet this beautiful little girl. She will be my first NOEL and the best gift any holiday could ever give. I hope she is the spitting image of my wife because then she will posses the features of a classic Hollywood actress . I hope she has my whit and humor and with a touch of kindness she will be simply PERFECTION...but she will learn early on how to KEEP THOSE PERFECT LEGS CROSSED and to always listen to her daddy. For now the Doctor says NOEL is about 12oz and is developing perfectly. My wife is on cloud nine and is feeling great, she is already mapping out all the things pink our little girl must have. We are half way to the day we get to meet our baby girl and now more then ever I can't wait to look into the eyes of our little NOEL.

Monday, April 5, 2010


About five years ago I persuaded my wife, then girlfriend to take a ride out east to visit a shelter for dogs. I always make it seem like we are just going to LOOK, yet we always end up leaving with exactly what I set my mind to get...In this case it was a BENTLEY. This Bentley does not have 4 wheels and a shiny exterior rather this one has 4 legs and a furry exterior. When we pulled up to the shelter we had it in our minds to just simply look at the puppies and see if one catches our eyes. We had to walk through all the older unwanted dogs in order to get to the puppies and it was then when my eyes set upon what would be my true first child. As soon as I look at this dog which seriously looks like a cartoon character with his over sized head, short legs, and huge paws I knew this was the misfit that I would have to adopt. At first my wife wanted to keep looking but this dogs eyes would not let go of my heart and I was sold. The dog was 2 years old and was a mix of lab, basset hound, and pit bull . This dogs appearence was as priceless as a brand new Bentley and so it was only fitting that Bentley was to be his name. We had to wait a few days to pick him up and my now wife was very sceptical of the arrival of our first child, but I knew this dog was special and he needed us to be his parents. Within a month Bentley became what my wife calls " Gods version of heaven on earth" she immediately fell in love just as I did with this perfect animal. It was like he knew we saved him and from the minute we picked him up he vowed to be be loving, loyal, and to keep us together as a family with every lick of his over sized tongue. The truth is it was this dog that saved my relationship with my now wife. About 2 months after the arrival of our child my now wife had began to face some difficult issues which led us to separate for a while. We decided to live in different places and take some time a part to reflect and think about our futures together. Bentley would stay with me and my wife would stop by from time to time to help out and doggy sit when I had to travel on business. The truth is time to time became weekends, and sometimes during the week my wife quite simply could not stand to be away from the dog. After a few months our mutual love for this dog actually brought us closer together and with time my wife and I fell in love all over again...all because of a dog refusing to loose another family. Within a year I proposed to my wife and our family would finally be complete and our dog was the most important thing in our lives and everyone knew it. The truth is this dog gives us his unconditional love and our biggest fear is the day when god decides to take his little piece of heaven back. I remember going to see the movie "Marley and Me" and in the theater my wife and I SOBBED uncontrollably for the entire last half hour of the movie, because we just thought of the day that Marley would be Bentley.
My wife is now 18 weeks pregnant and quite honestly if it wasn't for this dog with an over sized head and heart we never would have had this amazing gift of a baby which would truly complete this perfect family. I say my dog is my first child and I mean that, but I am so happy that my first baby will have the opportunity to grow up with Bentley as her first dog. My baby will know the reason why her mother and father's love was reconnected by a dog who refused to let us drift a part. She will know that Bentley set into motion the events that would help bring her into this world. Some may think my wife and I are a little bit strange because of how much we love our dog, but with that being said I can only imagine how much our hearts will grow the day we get to meet our baby. I can't wait to introduce NOEL to her dog BENTLEY, by the way did I mention I am going to have a baby girl? whats more perfect then a Boy and a Girl , even if the boy has 4 legs and a big head. I will always be in debt to this misfit of a dog for bringing my family back to me. Maybe he was sent from the heavens to help me my wife work out our issues because with his love we found ours again...and it was that love that created our little girl. So call it what you want, but as for me and my wife we truly do believe he is nothing short of a piece of heaven on earth...besides who wouldn't want a BENTLEY?